We design, build and perform:
interactive visual shows and video productions.

By combining a broad variaty of skills and experimenting with the newest technologies we strive to create innovative stage designs and projection mappings.

A compilation of some of our work for Spektrum XL.

About Us

How it started & where we are now.

14K was founded back in 2010 by Tom Enzler and Cas Dekker. We figured that by combining our shared interests and ambitions we could set out to be greater than the sum of parts. We spent the first years getting experienced by visiting talks and parties combining music and visuals. We also experimented a lot with a variety of software and hardware to determine which would suit our style and interest the best.

This all has resulted in our current workflow in which we like to be in control of the entire process leading to an performance or product: designing, building, creating content and live performance. This way ensures that we can deliver maximum quality. We want to be extremely proud of what we make.


A random selection that shows how we work and what we do.

Film / VJ / Huf/ Motion Design
Tom Enzler - Hufmeister 2000

Tom Enzler

After receiving a degree in audio-visual technology, Tom is currently studying audio-visual media at Utrecht's School of the Arts. Here he learns to combine a variety of media, including film, art, design and digital media.

Currently he works on (interactive) filmprojects and motion design.

Motion Design / VJ / LED / Huf / Stage Builder
Cas Dekker - Huffalicious

Cas Dekker

Cas currently studies Communication and Multimedia Design at Amsterdam's University of Applied Sciences. He combines his interests in art, interactive media and animation to create innovative new installations.

His current focus lays on designing and building his own hardware to combine LED and projection technologies.

We want to be extremely proud of what we make.

Contact Us

Questions about current or possible new work?

We are always interested in new collaborations and challenges. Does our current work not suit your needs? Please contact us anyway! We like to broaden our horizons by using our experiences in new, unknown fields. This means we can also advise you about the possibilities of implementing visual elements in your work.

We usually manage to reply within a day!

Contact Details

  • info@14k.tv
  • 14k visuals
    Harmenjansweg 95
    2031 WJ Haarlem